Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy: Excessive weight – the enemy of quality sexual life?

Posted on November 17, 2015

Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy: Excessive weight – the enemy of quality sexual life?Most people think that the perfect shape is first of all health and beauty. They are completely wrong. Sufficient improvement of the quality of sexual life depends fully on the normalization of weight.

A slim person gets much more pleasure from sex than the overweight ones. The scientists from American Buffalo University and Canadian Health&Care Mall Company believe this strongly. And the matter is not always in the excessive weight that makes a person heavier and more massive or the low self-esteem that is typical for people with the excessive weight. It is excessive fat that promotes the metabolic changes in the body that reduce the sexual drive.

The researches show that the certain level of sex hormones decreases in human body during gaining weight. They are essential for healthy and comprehensive sexual life. If a man is obese, the level of his sex hormone testosterone decreases. 40% of men suffering from the excessive weight have the abnormally low level of this hormone. And if we consider the fact that 30% of people in the developed countries suffer from excessive weight, the situation seems even more critical.

It is noteworthy, that when a person loses weight he or she regains the lost interest in sex. For example, even if the loss of total weight is only 5%, the sexual function improves sufficiently and the libido increases. The more excessive weight is lost, the more essential the changes in sexual life are.