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Purchasing drugs in the web remains to be tough task and a risky affair at the same time – the number unfair pharmacies, practicing black market approaches, is growing at a railway speed, so each time you place an order online you still risk to waste your money on a product that is never going to be delivered or put your health in jeopardy with a counterfeit medication. With the sky-high prices for drugs at physical drugstores and a long list of risks as for getting meds online, it may seem you’ve been left no option. But fortunately for many, the panacea solution exists and it has nothing to do with high-risk shopping. Canadian Health&Care Mall, an aspiring service gathering dozens of medications sellers across the US and Canada, is one of the few places to stop by for truly cost-effective, quality drugs. A combination of impressive customer service and offbeat approaches as for company development, you should certainly check it out.

Why people love Canadian Health&Care Mall: your advantages in focus

While thousands of cloned online drugstore websites hook credulous customers with screaming ads and lots of promises, We protects your choice with a comprehensive refund program. Pharmacy ServiceOur service is gathering numerous drugstores across the North America, but to become a part of Canadian Health Care Mall a pharmaceutical business needs to undergo an in-depth audition that touches virtually every aspect of its operation. So how do you benefit from it? The risks of buying a counterfeit product or becoming a victim of fraudulent scheme are cut off to zero.

At our pharmacy you take advantage of finest quality meds, as we bet on those companies that cooperate directly with manufacturers. We eliminate the risks of delivery delays or not shipped packages as each order comes with an insurance (or even extra insurance for $200+ orders that guarantees lightning speed resolution of any issues). Now you can choose from a good number of delivery options and get the required med delivered to your door in a matter of a week.

The loyalty program saving your dollars each time you place an order

Canadian Health and Care Mall is the place where you can buy quality drugs and save your money, especially in the long run. A generous to a fault loyalty program enables regular customers to save from 10% on medications. First of all, as a customer, you automatically enroll in a loyalty program with an opportunity of a permanent discount applied to the cart up to 20%. The terms are pretty simple – the more you buy, the bigger discount you get. Each customer has a progress bar that is updated with each purchase. Secondly, you can take advantage of numerous giveaways, seasonal discounts and promotions. Thirdly, bulk buyers can cut off their expenses on shipping – a free shipping is provided for each order over $200. And finally, the loyalty program implies regular bonus rewards – your order may be upgraded with an extra package of drug a similar preparation can be included as a bonus for free.

Costly Erectile Dysfunction drugs are no longer costly

A lineup of the most demanded ED medications didn’t change since the release of brand Viagra in 1998. The company of sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil are still the most prescribed ED drugs in the US and Canada, with 7ml. prescriptions of Viagra, 3ml. Cialis prescriptions and 2ml. Levitra prescriptions. Unfortunately, despite the proven effectiveness of the drugs and the absence of acute adverse reactions, their expensiveness remains to be the biggest problem. This is where generic modifications come in handy: from a way more ‘affordable’ pricing model to a truly impressive selection of finest quality drugs – this is why people love our service .

It’s a widely known fact that PDE5 inhibitors should be prescribed cautiously to 65+ years old individuals and those suffering from with cardiovascular system disease or having serious problems with kidneys or liver. The fact should be underlined that quite a number of conditions imply taking Levitra or any other PDE5 inhibitor with the minimum possible dosage. We know everything about erectile dysfunction and strive to keep our store up to date keeping in minds the requirements various customers may have. Thus, you can count on a variety of dosages ranging from the minimum 2.5mg to highly-effective 100mg option; there’s plenty of options as for truly powerful medications, such as Viagra Super active, a double component drug with dapoxetine in its composition that combats premature ejaculation or Cialis professional – the 92-pills pack that allows you to cut off your expenses by $65 per pack.

Erectile Dysfunction drugs lineup reference

Sildenafil citrate, tadalafil and vardenafil represent active substances in the revolutionary lineup of erectile dysfunction preparations, the so-called PDE5 inhibitors. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, a lineup of branded drugs, fall into the group of first choice drugs prescribed in 74% of erectile dysfunction clinical cases. Each active ingredient is designed to improve blood stream to the penis and relax penile smooth muscles, subsequently improving erection. The range of PDE5 preparations stands out with a gentle effect; oftentimes confused with stimulator drugs, neither Viagra, nor Cialis and Levitra cause erection in the absence of excitation, so uncontrolled erections are simply excluded.

PDE5 inhibitors, classified as ‘on demand’ drugs, have gained popularity due to a relatively quick onset of action: depending on the active ingredient, it will take 15 – 50 minutes for the drug to produce its effect (although the individual reaction of the body should be taken into account). From an up to 4 hours effect of Viagra to up to 36 hours lasting Cialis, one can choose a suitable option. Some pills are recommended to be taken without foods or alcohol (Viagra), others boast even better tolerability (Cialis can be taken with foods and even small quantities of alcohol).

Importantly, the considerable effectiveness of the preparation is reported in 54% case in clinical trials, while the overall positive impact on erection is reported in roughly 72% of cases basing on a 62 trials around the globe.

Customer service leaving the competition in the dust

This is where the most comprehensive advantages take center stage: our service is always ready to provide you with professional assistance when it comes to choosing a particular drug. Canadian Health&Care Mall is proud to present you a game-changing customer care consulting service: you can now talk to an pharmaceutical expert and get detailed recommendations on course of treatment, treatment options, mechanisms of action in this or that drug and many more. Now you don’t even need to pay a visit to your doctor if you are looking to choose a proper medication to get rid of some health issue.

A dynamically adjusting to the new trends in web design and setting new tone in online medications sales, Canadian Health and Care Pharmacy platform boasts extremely intuitive interface and simply stunning performance. The interface leaves nothing to be desired: the platform is visited by customers from 20 years old to those in their late sixties, and the pitfalls in proportions are not that huge. At our pharmacy you can always count on premium shopping experience: choose the product you need, place an order and get it for a juicy price, delivered to your door faster than in any other online drugstore!

Best Regard, Canadian Health&Care Mall Team – canadian-healthcare.com