How to Make your Blood Less Sweeter and Decrease the Level of Blood Sugar in a Natural Way

Posted on March 3, 2019

The amount of sugar in one’s blood is the reason for anxiety of numerous people. With each year the threat of diabetes comes closer and closer while people have to consider their rations more carefully in order to maintain a healthy well-being. The danger becomes quite obvious when the amount of sugar in blood exceeds 180 mg per deciliter of red fluid.

level of sugar in blood

Without a proper control, sugar in the blood transforms into serious threat that has got both short- and long-term consequences for the entire body of the ill person.

Most people think that maintaining a proper level requires the use of a wide range of medicaments, though it is possible to preserve healthy level of blood through the changes in lifestyle and diet habits. The following ideas will assist in avoiding the chemical and preserving problemless life.

Regarding the Vital Importance of Blood Level Control

People who have issues with maintaining the level of sugar in blood are supposed to expect some serious complications. The greater amount of sugar contributes the formation of crystalized substance in the blood that blocks the natural flow with the course of time. The harmful white microscopic crystals which are present in the blood begin to damage the blood vessels slowly and lead to micro cuts of all the organs in the body, slowly destroying it from the inside.

Over time, keeping blood sugar at unhealthy levels can damage small and large blood vessels in several organs and systems, leading to serious consequences, such as:

  • Partial or total blindness due to the softness and gentleness of the eyeballs material;
  • Foot ulcers which might become infected and amputated afterwards;
  • Problems with kidneys which may lead to the total malfunction and need for haemodialysis;
  • The heart problems which can cause strokes of various severity;
  • The reduction of blood flow that can lead to movement disability;
  • Irreversible changes in brain which can result in serious damaging with accompanying unbearable pain.

Keeping the Sugar Level Low

Regardless of many horrors that are caused by the increased level of sugar it is very easy to maintain the level of sugar within appropriate range if the person follows the simplest guidelines.

The person should have regular blood sugar checks

The regular monitoring for people with blood sugar problems is extremely important. A healthy person should check the level of sugar once a year, while the representative of risk groups should have a quarter frequent checks. The doctor will surely advise if there is anything to worry about.

It is wise to reduce the rate of consumed carbohydrate

high protein food

The regular researches regarding the nutrition have shown that decrease of carbohydrates and shifting to high protein food is capable to reduce the sugar level by 50%. It is true that carbs are necessary for the body as they are decomposed in blood and grant energy. At the same time, they have plenty of sugar that slowly accumulates within the body. High carb products are not forbidden and even advisable when the body requires them.

Avoid the products with high glycaemic index

Glycaemic index is a special number that ranks the food according to its capability to stimulate the accumulation of sugar in blood. A special low glycaemic index diet is prescribed for people who want to lose fat fast and at the same time it reduces the amount of sugar by half. There are various charts which contain the food ranked according to its indexes. People should concentrate upon the products which are ranked 55 and less.

Increase the amount of natural fibre food

Fiber of natural origin is an excellent absorbent that protects the blood from sugar and transports it to muscles and organs where energy is more necessary. In fact, there are two sub species of natural fiber: soluble and non-soluble. People who want to keep their blood level checked should concentrate on soluble fiber. It means that a person should eat whole grain products and vegetables.

Maintain proper weight

Wight and level of sugar are usually interconnected and the weight problem usually leads to the sugar growth. The overweight makes the impact of insulin attack almost lethal. 58% of overweight people have got the chance to gain diabetes in future.

This is not a matter of having a perfect body but to have a healthy well-functioning one. It is always easier to keep fit than trying to get rid of the problem. Well balanced nutrition and regular physical activities are the elements which will assist in keeping the low sugar level. In addition, during physical exercises the sugar goes not into blood but into muscles which were exercised.

Avoid stress and have enough sleep

Stress produces the hormone which makes the sugar to stay in blood. It’s like a giant magnet for the diabetes development. Positive emotions are the keys to the health for both spirit and soul. The person should never neglect a good portion of rest but not become lazy.

The preservation of sugar level is vitally important for long and healthy life and avoiding the threat of diabetes. It is really easy to avoid this problem if the person is taking care of oneself. There are various simple means which are available for all people at any age. Remember that too much sugar may do some really bad things to your health, so be very attentive so that you didn’t have to suffer from any diseases.