Canadian Health and Care Mall: Is it possible to maintain an active sexual life in senility?

Posted on November 17, 2015

Canadian Health and Care Mall: Is it possible to maintain an active sexual life in senility?

With the course of time the irreversible changes that influence not only the general physical well-being, but the sexual life as well, take place in the female and male organisms. However, some people think that the matter is not the physical weakness, but the general attitude to sex.

There is the belief that arose in society lately that the senility and sex are not the opposite notions. Really, elderly men always kept the interest in the opposite sex, they just never mentioned that and considered that an inappropriate topic.

With age the erectile function in men essentially reduces, and the first signs may appear even at the age of forty. As a result a man starts to question himself, fears to look weak in the eyes of his partner, and tries to minimize the sexual intercourses. In its turn, a woman starts to think that she does not satisfy and attract his partner. Moreover, women also experience physical changes with age, the vagina parietes become thinner, the amount of lubrication reduces, that leads to the pain feelings during the sexual intercourse. The spouses start to estrange from each other and each of them thinks they do not want, do not satisfy, and do not love each other.

According to Canadian Health and Care Mall The lack of awareness of the process of aging and the changes in human body that progress with age lead to the constant uncertainty of both partners, self-analysis and the denial of any demonstrations of sexual activity. However, the studies show that the sexual life can continue throughout the whole life until the deep senility.

To achieve that it is necessary to be aware of the processes taking place in the body, learn to adapt to the irreversible changes in the body, make up various games and entertainment. The more a person knows about his own body and sexual activity, the more opportunities he will have to continue the sexual life in retirement.

It is essentially important to maintain a good physical tonus, as it will help to realize the dearest fantasies, but most importantly, the human sexuality lies in the psychic and moral well-being that improves the sexual drive level between the sexes.