Losing Weight with a Hectic Schedule? Sure Thing!

Posted on February 15, 2017

Weight loss can be a serious challenge, and like any challenge, it requires a good strategy to win.

Weight loss tips for busy people

If you think that thoughtfully packing your lunch every morning, cooking healthy dinners, and visiting a gym regularly doesn’t sound like a viable option for you right now with your busy schedule, don’t give up on losing weight just yet. There are other tricks and techniques you can use to change your daily proportion of how much you eat and how much you move – because doing so will let you achieve outstanding and noticeable results.

Weight-loss tips for busy people


 Ditch the perfectionist “all-or-nothing” mentality

Every little thing you do to help your body lose weight has an effect. People often think that if they cannot find time or energy to go to a gym often, and stay on a hummus and superfoods diet, then it’s all worthless and won’t bring any results. Many people just give up completely. However, you shouldn’t look at your entire day as a failure or success, but instead try to see every small thing you do as a chance to improve your health. If you skip a trip to the gym, it doesn’t mean you should stop checking on your calories intake that day.

Eat in smaller portions 

You don’t have to always cook your food, or even incorporate much variety in what you eat. You just need to eat less, and this approach won’t cost you any extra money or take any extra time. Usually, people need to consume about 1200 to 1500 calories per day, so just limiting the amount of food that you eat is one of the essential paths to losing weight.

…But don’t skip meals!

You may think, “Wait, what?” after we just told you about how you should eat less, but it does make sense: going without any food for more than five hours can slow down your metabolism and affect your hormonal level, so it’s not really good for your body. Nowadays, it can be a real problem for busy people to evenly space out their meals throughout the day, because they tend to simply survive on coffee until lunch, and only then get some real food.

Squeeze more exercise into your day

Naturally, leaving 30 to 60 minutes in your day specifically for exercise is a perfect goal, but that’s not the only way of achieving your aims. You can evenly spread your physical activity throughout the day just like you should do with your food. Thus, if you can do 10 minutes of exercises in the morning, 10 at lunch and 10 in the evening, you will experience real progress. Burn your calories like you save your money: every little investment counts and adds up, especially if you do it regularly.

Make simple food swaps

Whenever you come to making a choice regarding what you’re going to be eating today, select wisely and don’t leave out the little things – they add up too, and in a bigger way than it may seem. Swap mayonnaise for honey mustard, don’t put that extra cheese on a hamburger, etc. This should not take any significant toll in terms of time or money, but it will help your goal. You mustn’t forget about beverages: even switching soda for diet soda or putting less sugar in your coffee can change things for the better.

Don’t sit when you can stand

This isn’t anything new: if your job requires you to sit all day long, it might be good for your wallet, but it is not good for your heart, your brain, and, of course, your waistline. Here, we come to the second basic pillar or an effective weight-losing strategy: swap some of that sitting for at least standing, or better some strolling, walking, or working out (even for as little as 10 minutes).

We’re not telling you to stand behind your office computer, of course, but try to think of where you can do that. Don’t sit in the bus on your way to work, for example (or even walk there, if the distance can be covered in an hour) move around at home, during breaks, and so on.

Get enough sleep

If it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, you may feel tempted to stay up late, and that is not a good idea for effective weight loss, even if your reasoning is to do some exercises at night. To lose weight and balance your metabolism correctly, your body needs to function properly, and getting enough sleep is more essential for it than you can imagine. Furthermore, when you are fatigued, your body will try to reject the idea of exercise and will crave food rich in sugar and fat to keep you awake, yet that is not what you need.

Talk to your pharmacist

Some people find it helpful to opt for special medicines: most commonly Belviq, orlistat, Contrave, phentemine, Saxenda, and Qsymya, but to go for these options, you must always consult with your trusted physician beforehand, and never experiment on your health.