How Manufacturers Influence Your Erectile Dysfunction Pills Choice over Social Media

Posted on December 27, 2016

Being eager to learn more about diseases and treatment options, more and more patients today turn to social media. Traditional methods like making an appointment and consulting with a physician are no longer popular, which means that ads and commercials have a huge impact on what people choose.

Commercials for ED pills are getting as popular as political ads. Every year pharmaceutical companies spend about $1 billion advertising their ED pills. 1 in every 3 dollars of ads is on cable television. Before a man orders from a trustworthy Canadian Health&Care Mall, he watches videos, listens to narrators and tries to find out which pills are proper for him: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Kamagra from Canada?

! The power of perception is huge! In the 21st century they have all tools to influence consumer choice. But, is it possible to level the effect and start thinking on your own?

Role of Mass Media in Perception of ED Drugs and Their Use

The drug use may be experienced in two different ways:

  1. either directly through the taking/giving drugs;
  2. or indirectly through communication and interaction of people with drug experiences.

As long as new medications appear day by day, it is hard to make the choice, unless you are a professional. This is why we turn to various sources of information that have a great impact on the creation of drug brand and drug use perception.

Role of Mass Media in Perception of ED Drugs and Their Use

The symbolism and imagery are taking the main role. Today there are numerous promotional campaigns that work ensuring that there’s a specific medication that promises fast and easy solution of any problems of one’s life and health. The ways of solving ED issues are the most mythical. The mass media-generated drug perception is derived through:

  • advertising;
  • newspapers;
  • magazines;
  • radio;
  • television;
  • the Internet & related electronic data.

Lately, the direct-to-customer advertising has become a pretty trendy approach wherein drug products are promoted for newly defined or poorly treated problems. While ads mention the specific products or inform of diseases, Canadian Pharmacy Mall remains the only true source of ED drugs as well as all the required information concerning prescription behavior and possible adverse reactions. Doctors and physicians are not the ones to create ads and videos, yet they are provided by an online drug store to answer any questions a man has.

Advertising Is for Rich, Isn’t it?

Why does advertising exist? Why is it so popular in this country and beyond its borders? The reason is simple: companies want to sell more, so they definitely need people to know more about the drugs they provide. Whatever is offered, the advertising of the drug is not for an average person, but for the rich!

Why? Rich people have much money to spend even if they aren’t the largest part of the local population. They see the ad and decide to buy the product as long as it promises results. The cost is the final thing they think of. The effect on their wallet is little.

Is there a chance for an average or poor man to get what he really needs? There’s always a chance, if a man addresses Canadian Health Care Mall. His ED problems are easy to treat with Viagra or Cialis from Canada. Besides, his family budget won’t have to deal with huge loses or spending.

Risks & Benefits of Using Social Media for ED Drugs

And though we believe that pharmaceutical campaigns are the gainers, their choice and work have their own challenges that at times overweight the benefits. Specialists state that pharma perceives certain risks in social media, but companies keep turning to ads as most opportunities are offered as well. Ads are a way to get connected with patients and help them in understanding what the pills are for:

  • competitors: today social media have become the form of competitive intelligence. As long as Canadian Viagra can be produced by different companies, each of them does whatever it can to ensure that its pills are the most effective and the safest;
  • the company: its reputation, partners, researches and studies, services;
  • the industry: cost of medication, dosage, etc.;
  • the therapy: adverse effects, by-reactions, tolerance, improvements, drug interactions;
  • conditions and diseases: whether the ED medication suitable for all cases or not.

Today social media assist in protocol development for number of clinical trials. They share most information about all studies and researches, etc. The use of social media by pharmaceutical companies keeps increasing day by day. Not only large, yet also mid-sized companies engage with campaigns on TV, radio, magazines, social networks, etc. And there is much room for growth.

How not to Come under the Influence of Social Media?

There is a quite simple rule – think! Advertising is created for telling more about the drugs and attract more customers, because the market holds many other competitors. To win the audience the ad becomes more descriptive. To distinguish what is true or false, whether you need it or not, you have to think.

The major problem is that many of us aren’t prepared to think. When we watch TV and read magazines, we accept anything and everything remaining passive and without realizing what is really going on. Who told you that this is the only choice and you are to obey? Don’t pick ED pills subconsciously. Think about the information provided and compare it with your own knowledge and experience. Always consider the negative aspects, because they are always present. Will it take much time? – No, it won’t. But it can help to save money and life.

There is a reliable source of drugs and informational called Canadian Health&Care Mall. You can read provided articles, interviews and statistics. You are free to ask questions and communicate with licensed professionals. You are welcome to make fast orders and start the treatment course that will change your life and health for better.