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Posted on February 4, 2016

Our bodies are affected by the life choices that we make every single day, which means that sticking to a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly can help improve the quality of our lives. At the same time, it’s impossible to prevent all health issues so selecting the right treatment is of the utmost importance. When it comes to male health, one of the conditions that men are most worried about is erectile dysfunction.

How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

Obviously, a rare inability to achieve an erection, especially when there are obvious reasons for that, such as consumption of alcohol or stress, doesn’t necessarily mean that you suffer from erectile dysfunction. According to the statistics, most men that complain about erectile problems suffer from certain health issues that disrupt normal blood circulations in the body. Such conditions may include heart diseases, obesity, high levels of cholesterol, and others. Moreover, mental health issues, such as prolonged depression or anxiety can either become the initial reasons for the development of ED or occur as a reaction to erectile issues that are already present. To get the most accurate diagnosis and select an appropriate treatment, you should provide your healthcare specialist with the following information:

  • medical history, including any surgeries
  • how often you’re unable to achieve erections
  • is there any difference in your ability to achieve erections with different partners
  • any drugs and herbal supplements you’re consuming
  • any psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety

The diagnosis of ED should be made by a medical specialist based on the answers you provide during the consultation, results of physical examination, and blood tests.

Why do the customers choose Canadian Health&Care Mall service?

Why do the customers choose Canadian Health&Care Mall service?

The most convenient way to shop for medications is definitely online, but you have to be careful and purchase the drugs only from reliable websites, such as Canadian Health&Care Mall – CHCM Pharmacy Service is not an online pharmacy, but rather a service with the help of which you can obtain high-quality drugs for budget-friendly prices. The affordability of medications is ensured by the fact that the focus of this pharmaceutical service is on generic drugs. The professionals of the online service put an emphasis on choosing generic drugs from the most respected and trustworthy pharmacies of the USA and Canada so that you can always be confident that you receive a top-quality product.

These days a lot of customers realize that it’s not reasonable to pay a large sum of money on brand-name medications if there is an opportunity to buy generics. The drugs manufactured by the secondary producers are just as effective and include the same ingredients as the ones created by the original producer. After all, there is no reason to pay for a famous brand name when the medication that you find inside the box is the same. Such money-saving approach is especially relevant when it comes to ED drugs because you can’t just take them for two weeks and cure your erectile dysfunction for good. ED drugs belong to the group of lifestyle medications, which means that most male patients consume it for years and spend a lot of their money. By choosing generic medications from the very beginning of your treatment, you get a chance to enjoy all the benefits of the drugs and avoid overspending.

What distinguishes Canadian Health and Care Mall from other online pharmaceutical services?

When you choose a certain service or a store you obviously want to not only get the drugs that you need but also experience a smooth and stress-free process of ordering and delivery. Canadian Health and Care Mall was created with the intention of facilitating your online shopping as much as possible. The website is filled with a number of articles that explain the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the customer support group consisting of medical specialists will help you if you’re confused about consumption of the drug or get any questions regarding the delivery. What is also great about online shopping using CHCM is that you can always see which drugs are available, so you don’t waste any of your time on unnecessary searching. In addition to the fact that generic medications are much cheaper that the original ones when you buy the drugs with the help of Canadian Health&Care Mall service, you can always expect to get the best deal thanks to a variety of discounts available to the customers.

Which drugs are available for the treatment of ED at Canadian Health&Care Mall?

The most widely prescribed medications for the treatment of ED definitely belong to the category of PDE5 inhibitors. These types of drugs enable a man to experience sufficient blood supply to the penis during sexual stimulation, thus making it possible to achieve and maintain a firm erection. The drugs that are most widely purchased by male patients diagnosed with ED include Canadian Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. When compared to the original versions, all these generic drugs deliver the same results as their brand-name counterparts and thus should be consumed according to the same guidelines – approximately 30 minutes to an hour before intercourse. Taking the drug beforehand ensures that it has enough time to affect the circulation of blood in your body, so that when you engage in sexual activities you’re completely ready.

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When it comes to the duration of their influence, generic Cialis is the drug with the most long-lasting effect – you can achieve erections during the period of up to 36 hours after taking a single tablet. Canadian Viagra provides you with 4 hours during which you can achieve and maintain erections and generic Levitra – 4 to 5 hours depending on your individual reaction to the active ingredient of the drug. All PDE5 inhibitors (learn more in wiki) are not the drugs that should be taken according to a certain schedule, which means that you only take a pill when you plan on having intercourse with your partner. You should remember not to take more than one pill a day, as it doesn’t increase the effect of these generic drugs, but can cause adverse effects.