Why do I choose Canadian Health&Care Mall? The best price value offers is the answer.

Posted on January 19, 2016

That real review about Our Canadian Pharmacy Service by Henry Jacobson, 43 Years.

I’ve been diagnosed erectile dysfunction in 2011 – I had no other option, but to seek for professional medical assistance as the situation went out of control. At some point of time I realized that I’m finding excuses and play for time in solving the problem.

Actually, it took me long months to pull the trigger and visit a doctor, it was not my pure intent to take care of my health, but the result of constant stress, conflicts with my wife and dozens nervewrecking situations. If only I had a chance to turn the time back, I would have definitely acted differently. It’s way easier than one can imagine and there’s no need in huge investments if you know the way outs. So I’m here to share my experience and help those suffering from ED problems to get back to normality quickly and easily.

We can skip quarrels, silence between the two of us and the ultimate embarrassment I had to come through – that was before a visit to the doctor. Now you don’t even need to book an appointment – drop in at Canadian Health&Care Mall to get professional consultation for free. I’ve been surfing the web after I paid a visit to an andrologist in search of real user stories, to see what people say about their struggle against ED – that was the month my recovery was in full operation.

So looking through some reviews, I’ve landed at Canadian Pharmacy quite accidently and this is where I noticed free consultation ads. Putting it through the test was a fun idea, but it turned out Dr. Martin Jenkings was even more detailed in his answers, comments and conclusion than my doctor was. I’ve got a Viagra prescription from my doctor and was spending around $110 per pack of Viagra at a local pharmacy. It was the time I realized ED treatment can be affordable, as Canadian Health and Care Pharmacy Platform had hundreds of generic modifications in store at prices going through the floor. But this is where the story actually starts.

When decent customer service meets reliability

I’ve heard dozens of legends on poor quality or even hazardous Viagra people bought over internet. And when you see the online stores, you realize that there’s no happy end waiting for you as you start or finish the treatment. But Canadian Pharmacy Service is different. A licensed drugstore that conducts its business on a legal basis seems to have found its blue ocean through diligent work and gigantic efforts put into development of the company. This is why I make my choice in favour of these guys:

  1. Transparent, competitve pricing. With dozens of modifications of Viagra and Cialis (from basic options to powerful double-component solutions) starting from $0.89 on the list, there’s nothing left to be desired in terms of pricing.
  2. The best customer service I’ve ever met. Free consultations, quick shipping (free for $150+ orders), diligent support – they are doing a great job and respect your choice.
  3. Impressive quality. We are talking about generics, so there may be room for insufficient effect or more severe side effects. No. That’s not the case. At Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Service they get the medications supplied by manufacturers, so their quality is not inferior to original drugs for sure.

You should definitely give this opiton a try. Perhaps, you don’t even need ED pills, but you can always take advantage of a free consultation here, so why not use this option to make things clear?