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Posted on April 8, 2016

Millions of men worldwide buy medications from safe international online pharmacies, and the lion’s share of them choose Canadian Health & Care Mall. As is known, pricing is the prime reasons why people turn to online drugstores, yet it is not the only one. Those, who lack insurance and don’t want to put the family budget at risk, give way to cheaper medications. But even those, who could use all the benefits of health insurance, prefer CHCM pills. Why? There’s a simple explanation: here at Canadian Health&Care Mall you can find whatever you need at any time.

Our team’s mission is to ensure all the customers, both new and regular, with knowledgeable and friendly service. We do understand that you all have faith in us, so we continue providing reliable, affordable and safe services. What medication do you need right now? You can easily order it from us!

Acute Shortage of Prescription Medicines – Society’s Burning Problem

The cases of drug shortages both for generic and brand industry aren’t new. Most companies have really high standards concerning inventory fill and backlog rates. Neither of them is eager to fail in supplying the market. But whenever the disruptions in supply occur, they lead to serious issues for pharmacists, patients and doctors.

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! Canadian Pharmacy Mall is very active with manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and pharmacists. We know the risks of shortage and the impact that they make. This is why we’ve managed to develop the policy that ensures there won’t be any drug lack or deficiency. We provide any medication a customer needs regardless of the shortage issue.

Should You Forget of Your Local Stores?

These aren’t disadvantages that make a local drugstore become less popular in comparison to Canadian Pharmacy. As a matter of fact, local stores are the easiest and the quickest way to purchasing the medications one needs. Besides, there is always a chance to meet a well-trained pharmacist and learn more about drug interaction, possible warnings and precautions. Yet, there are still two main disadvantages to remember of: high prices and a smaller establishment.

While you are using your local pharmacy, you should remember that:

  • the prices always vary from store to store! Shopping around and using the telephone becomes very cost-effective, but time-consuming. Neither pharmacy is able to offer the best price on all drugs you need. So, firstly a client has to find out which of them offer cheaper prices and then start buying;
  • generic forms of the drugs aren’t provided locally, they can be ordered online only. Some people do need bioequivalent pills because the brand ones tend to lead to various complications. Frankly speaking, one may succeed in finding the place with generics, yet their offer is usually limited;
  • the price per one tablet is more affordable, when you’re buying online, especially if you are buying 3-months worth or even more of pills at a time. Some physicians prescribe less pills, so you can ask them to re-write the quantity at least to 90-100 tablets at a time;
  • being a local pharmacy buyer can become a real problem to those people, who travel a lot. This is why they turn to international stores like Canadian Health&Care Mall. It allows them to stop bothering about pills that are lost or left at home. They contact us, refill the prescription and get the drugs delivered at the doorstep.

Does Canadian Health and Care Mall Have any Disadvantages?

In spite of so many pros, there are still cons which are frequently faced by consumers worldwide. While promising to cure any medical condition and issue, most online stores pretend to be Canadian ones, while their tiny offices are rented somewhere in the 3rd world countries.

! Even if the pharmacy is legal and does exist, buyers from European countries have to wait more than the specified 21 days to get their medications delivered. It’s a common problem and it deals with the shipping method and company rather than the pharmacy itself. However, as long as the pharmacy chooses what company to work with, it bears responsibility.

While ordering from Canadian Health and Care Mall, you can feel secure and safe during making your order, paying for it and expecting the delivery. Yet, there is more than one pharmacy on the market. Today FDA warns that the safety of medications that are bought from online stores can hardly be ensured. The reliability of the store, as well as of its pills, is time-tested. Some patients even consult with their physicians as they usually know the trustworthy sources, although they never speak about them in public.

What can a regular buyer do to ensure safety of order and use? Before you buy, read the reviews about the store, check its contact information, if there’s any on the website. In case you aren’t sure in the service’s reliability, you can contact its consultant and be provided with the required papers, etc.

The Internet Provides Generics Only

Honestly speaking, there’s much available information concerning generics these days, however true facts are very rare. For so you know, generic medications contain the same active ingredients as their brand counterparts. They lead to equal effects, have the same warnings and precautions. What’s the difference? Their manufacturers use the entire brand’s groundwork and spend no time or money on advertisements and marketing policy. This is why generics are so cheap and effective.

Along with the basic active ingredients manufacturers of generic pills often use other chemicals for color or as fillers. As they are different, so are the pills available on the market. In rare cases these additional chemicals may lead to allergic reactions that should be treated seriously.

Canadian Health&Care Mall offers and guarantees only high quality medications that cure most health conditions and help remain healthy all the year round. Our generics have won popularity far beyond Canadian borders. Today our service is used in many North and South American, European and Asian countries. They save lives, relationships and self-confidence of those, who despaired of success.