Does Your HealthCare Provider Agree That No Disease Is Completely Cured?

Posted on January 24, 2023

There’s an apt saying ‘What can’t be cured, must be endured’. For someone it’s a life motto, for others a challenge they accept. Which one are you? Our team of physicians and scientists has altered the proverb. Today it can sound like ‘What can’t be cured, must be treated.’ Yes, there’s a huge difference between curing someone and treating the health issue he became a victim of. And, believe it or not, the choice is up to you.

What’s a Treatment and Where’s a Cure? Do You Know the Difference?

There’s a medical treatment engaged into the cure term. After the treatment a patient never gets back to the condition anymore. He’s absolutely free from it, for good. Many diseases can be cured with available medications, their combinations or applied treatment courses and therapies. Others, like AIDS, HIV and hepatitis B have no cure. The condition remains in the body, spoiling life day by day, but it can be treated, managed and eliminated to not so risky and milder forms that one can live longer with.

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! Scientists and medical professionals use various medications, surgeries and therapies for symptoms lessening and decrease of side effects. Treatment is never a cure, but it’s a chance to live and be happy no matter what.

What if doctors find out that a disease can’t be cured for good? They use treatments to control it. Vivid examples are cases of cancer, diabetes, AIDS and HIV. Surgeries and insulin injections, special vitamins and alternative treatment methods allow people not to lose heart.

Of course, researchers are coming up with advanced medications and there’s a chance that they’ll discover new remedies that will substitute the treatment and bring the cure. As for now we have to be content with what we have got.

Antibiotics Can’t Treat Everything, No Matter What

There’s a false idea that antibiotics can cope with any inflammation, virus and disease. But they aren’t that powerful! Antibiotics do stop bacterial infections, yet they aren’t effective in fighting viruses. Their abuse leads to complications that are hard to overcome. Bacteria can adapt to the new environment in the body and become resistant to any medications. Antibiotic abuse causes the formation of resistant bacterial strains and fosters their growth.

! The more antibiotics are consumed, the greater the risk of being infected is. You are always to follow your prescription instead of your personal ideas of what is right or enough and OK. Following it you will manage to avoid numerous problems and complications and will surely save your life and health.

Can one protect himself from the so-called antibiotic-resistant bacteria? It depends. Physicians are sure that the best possible shield is forgetting about sharing medications or breaking the rules and terms of prescriptions. Always follow instructions on use and doses.

How to Regard a Disease?

When it comes to health issues, physicians always address the cause. And it’s right, but only some of them are aware of the fact that disharmony may be a secondary reason too. Physical and mental disharmony make the body acquire illness. After restoring the harmony it’s much easier to cure the condition with pills and get back into a well-balanced environment.

While pills are working on treating the physical aspect of the problem, Canadian Health Care Mall suggest paying much attention to herbal supplements and their effects on the mental side of the conditions. Don’t forget about aromatherapy and acupuncture. A combination of different treatment methods and approaches will allow not only to treat the body, but also to heal it.

Collective Ignorance Is Holding Back Most Cures

People with serious diseases that can’t be cured, as well as their relatives and close friends, talk much about some conspiracy theories that make people wait for needed medications and health industry improvements for years.

However, things are much easier than that. As a matter of fact, drug companies offer many different medications. Health care providers suggest various treatment options, traditional and alternative ones. But it’s all about us and our ignorance of the problem till it comes into our homes, as well as our habit of complaining all the time and looking for fast solutions.

! When it comes to health care, there are no fast solutions and treatments, there’s much time, efforts, money, patience and support required, however only few of us do understand it and work on it.

If There Is a Cause, There Is Always Solution!

No cure is perfect. It’s usually a long way to success, if there’s any way at all. Whenever the cause or a trigger is identified, the treatment must be directed right at it. Why are things different in our world? It usually happens because of confusion around the cure. Most people do believe that all cures are perfect. In most cases complete recoveries are impossible. If you have cancer because of smoking two-three packs of cigarettes per day, you should cut down on that habit instead of continuing. Otherwise, no cure is possible.

Most recommended treatments don’t even address the cause, so consulting a professional doctor and following recommendations of a reliable information source like Canadian Health&Care Mall is a must. Don’t cure symptoms as their elimination won’t lead to any improvement.

There are healthiness illnesses and parasitic ones. The first ones are cured by addressing the unhealthiness, while the latter ones are treated by removing parasites. Every time you treat the cause, you get more chances for cure and not for a temporary relief only.

Article by Canadian Health&Care Mall